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Allyson Mayberry

For years I have heard about CrossFit from two of my good friends and for years my two friends have encouraged me to try it out. I had so many excuses, I would say “I’m overweight,” “I have an old knee injury,” “I have asthma.” I watched my friends getting into better and better shape.…

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Carlee Evans

A year ago I was going through a phase in my life where I was just unhappy. I was unhappy with my body, my job, the fact that I was getting divorced, moving to southern Maine, losing a close family friend, etc. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what really made me happy. I felt my attitude…

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Anthony Dominicus

Why CrossFit? The reason I started CrossFit is because I needed a change. I had been an athlete my whole life playing high school and college sports, however, like most people as I aged and more life demands were put on me I started taking less care of myself. Over the past ten years my weight…

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Rachael O'Donnell

The first time I walked into CrossFit MF, I was terrified. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do it; that I would fail in front of all of these fit people throwing barbells around, or worse, that I would start crying. But I was desperate enough for a change in my life that…

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Christopher Farley

I’ve been in law enforcement for 10 years and have tried everything from running to your typical gym workout to stay in shape. Because my job is very time consuming I would usually have only a short window to workout. I would have to decide if I wanted to do cardio (run) or lift weights, very…

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